Our director Anshuman Khanna with the TotalEnergies and Adani Group Team for their first biomethane production project in India facilitated by ValPro

After Texas, let’s head to India for a new adventure! Our joint venture along with the Adani Group in India, Adani TotalEnergies Gas Limited, has recently signed an agreement in partnership with one of the country’s most important cow sanctuaries: Shri Mataji Goshala. With 55,000 cows housed in this safe haven, this step is a milestone for the development of our first biomethane production project in India!

Moving forward, the biomethane production facility, with a capacity of 81 GWh, will be constructed and operated by ATGL in Barsana, south of Delhi. Thanks to Goshala, we’ll have as much as 44,000 tons of cattle manure in inputs per year, which represents approximately 50% of the facility’s needs. The rest of the inputs will be sourced from neighboring local farmers.